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Since Google's $400 million acquisition of Admeld was approved late last year by the justice department there has been many opinions in the blogosphere. Frank Addante, CEO of Rubicon Project, has a few words of his own.

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What happens when two companies with expertise in different fields partner up? A one-stop solution for launching and managing dynamic display ad campaigns is what Exact Drive and Canned Banners are doing. The service they are marrying increases the performance and precision of display ads by personalizing creatives in real time for each user. The team at Canned Banners are good dynamic display ad designs whereas Exact Drive has the scale and expertise of launching high-performance / high demand online ad campaigns.

The partnership is "exciting because of the benefit our clients are going to get. For example, this will take our client's retargeting campaigns to a whole new level by being able to feature the precise products and categories that people browsed" said Tim Nochols, a principal media director at Exact Drive.

Read more of the PR below:
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It's almost here. Everyone gotten their tickets ready for the big event starting April 3rd, 2012? There will be 7 keynotes and 35+ breakout sessions covering topics including Brand and Agency issues, display, innovation, mobile, ROI, social, tablets, targeting, video, technology, media and much more.

Event Location:

Moscone Center West
800 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Tickets starting at $50. See you there!

About ad:tech
Ad:tech San Francisco, April 3-4, is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition which provides tools and techniques to succeed in the ever-changing digital world.
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Pricing and...
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Here is some insight as to where Online advertising is headed, specifically Ad Operations.
It has become an increasingly trending topic with much traffic focused on Ad Operations job search and help forums. Take a look at the below.

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Google yet again is updating Adsense to provide enhancement to it's Ad Review Center. It gives publishers more control over the ads that Google delivers to their website and make the ads easier than ever to manage.

As explained in a blog post by Dan Stokeley, a product manager at Adsense, publishers are now able to see ads delivered to their sites via all available types of targeting and review them before they go live. Previously, the Ad Review Center used to group certain ads together for publishers to review. Now they are broken down to ad-by-ad level. The process of selecting ads to block is now as easy as dragging and dropping. Ads with the most impressions now show up at the top of the lists of ads to review, as are placement-targeted ads that Google thinks are likely to generate the most impressions.

Stokely reiterate that ads with little or no impressions or "seem" likely not to receive impressions will not appear in the Ad Review Center at all. While...