9 days until ad:tech San Francisco

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    It's almost here. Everyone gotten their tickets ready for the big event starting April 3rd, 2012? There will be 7 keynotes and 35+ breakout sessions covering topics including Brand and Agency issues, display, innovation, mobile, ROI, social, tablets, targeting, video, technology, media and much more.

    Event Location:

    Moscone Center West
    800 Howard St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

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    Tickets starting at $50. See you there!

    About ad:tech
    Ad:tech San Francisco, April 3-4, is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition which provides tools and techniques to succeed in the ever-changing digital world.
    Learn more about ad:tech.

    Pricing and Information
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by corematter, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Sheena
    Do you know when is the next Adtech event?
  2. Lady Blogger
    I am sorry no, but you can take a look at their website for other details.
  3. Sheena
    Do I have to subscribe to their newsletter?
  4. Lady Blogger
    Not necessarily, but if you want updates from them, you can do it.
  5. Sheena
    Thanks Lady Blogger.
  6. Lady Blogger
    You are very much welcome. :D
  7. Mumita
    what you mean??
  8. Sheena
    The ROI part
  9. Nasif
    9 days until ad:tech San Francisco
    what does it means ??
  10. Nasif
    I didn't get the topic .
  11. Nasif
    can anybody share the details ?
  12. Nasif
    I'd be happy to know . :D
  13. Heera
    its a big event.
  14. Heera
    You are?
  15. Heera
    No I cant
  16. Heera
    May be information gap
  17. Heera
    So you don't know
  18. Heera
    Somebody can. But I dont.
  19. Sheena
    Well, goodluck on the next event~
  20. Lady Blogger
    Yup, Good luck..

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