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Discussion in '24/7 Realmedia' started by Larry, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Larry New Member

    Mine is simple all i need is to make sales and any server that will get me there is much appreciated. Anyone out there who has used 24/7 realmedia is welcome to comment and advise. Thanks
  2. Timmy New Member

    For me its hard to say which one is the best at getting impressions cause for the ones i have used have done the trick for me. Which ever you choose will be fine 24/7 realmedia is a good way to go though.
  3. Sarah New Member

    Used 24/7 realmedia for a couple of months and it is working for me. I think you wouldn't go wrong with 24/7 realmedia
  4. LauraM New Member

    @Larry there must be more you want out of server like impressions you make on costumers, its the real way of making sales anyway.
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  5. Wright New Member

    24/7 realmedia is awesome but @LauraM is right you need to want more out of a server there is so much you get from servers
  6. Timmy New Member

    Everyone looks like they are for 24/7 realmedia:cool:
  7. Terry New Member

    sometimes we just want what will get us to where we want faster thats it @LauraM
  8. Big Mike New Member

    I have heard excellent things about them. Give them a try.
  9. Sheena Member

    Thumbs up for 24/7 Realmedia :)
  10. Mashuk 1 Member

    lol. you are right!! :D
  11. Mashuk 1 Member

    isn't there any thing besides 24/7 realmedia ?
  12. Sheena Member

    I am not sure Mashuk.
  13. Lady Blogger Member

    I heard that 24/7 Realmedia is good.
  14. Lady Blogger Member

    I just hope that they are also "Real-time". Just a thought.
  15. Mumita Member

    i don't know about it.
  16. Nasif Member

    here is some alternatives .
  17. Nasif Member

  18. Nasif Member

    share your thoughts .
  19. Nasif Member

    if any update is possible .
  20. Nasif Member

    Please don't hesitate to post .

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