Any Adtech Events In Africa?

Discussion in 'AdTech' started by Mike, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Mike New Member

    I have looked through the coming adtech events and would love to see some arranged in Africa. It would be great to listen to what digital marketers from Africa have to say.
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  2. LauraM New Member

    Yes Mike, it would be nice to listen to what African digital marketers have to say but according to Adtech schedule there is no Africa meeting.
  3. Terry New Member

    Am from Africa and seeing an Adtech event here is a welcome thought from me!
  4. Sheena Member

    What is Adtech anyway?
  5. Mashuk 1 Member

    i really don't know. :(
  6. Mashuk 1 Member

    It is an international ad serving company.
  7. Sheena Member

    Oh, sounds like a big company.
  8. Lady Blogger Member

    I think there is Adtech in Capetown.
  9. Lady Blogger Member

    Where are you from TS? It is better if you are near their location.
  10. Mumita Member

    All African will be............
  11. Mumita Member

    Your country will be benefited.
  12. Mumita Member

    Events always brings good impression.
  13. Heera Member

    is any event will be there??
  14. Heera Member

    I never hear about it.
  15. Nasif Member

    me neither . o_O
  16. Heera Member

    They should organize some evens all over the world.

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