Are You Still Waiting For Your AdSense Verification?

Discussion in 'General Verfications & Attribution' started by Daniel, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Daniel New Member

    How long should this take any way? How long did you wait for your verification or are you still waiting for it?
  2. Jack New Member

    I know of people who wait for months or more to get verified. I don't get what the wait is for, i would have lost patience a long time if it were me. Not very patient am i:D
  3. Wright New Member

    This should be looked into, verifications that last over a month!!!!
  4. Jack New Member

    Hey Wright! It should be totally looked into!
  5. Sheena Member

    It will take weeks or months depending on your country's postal service. I got my verification pin after 6 weeks.
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  6. Sheena Member

    Any updates for this post? How is your verification TS?
  7. Mashuk 1 Member

    I'm not waiting for it.
  8. Mashuk 1 Member

    But I know a lot of people who is still waiting for it.
  9. Mashuk 1 Member

    I didn't knew that. thanks for letting me know.
  10. Lady Blogger Member

    Mine took 4 weeks.
  11. Lady Blogger Member

    @TS are you verified now?
  12. Mumita Member

    no, im not waiting.
  13. Mumita Member

    but these process must be fast.
  14. Mumita Member

    Because many are waiting....

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