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Discussion in 'Suggestions, Feedback, Support' started by adopsguy, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. adopsguy New Member

    Your logo needs so work. Looks kind of dull.
  2. Sarah Jenkins New Member

    I personally like the logo. But I will say that there's something missing from it. Like maybe some curved lines underneath it, or something.
  3. Sheena Member

    The logo looks good to me, but what's with the A and F in the logo?
  4. Sheena Member

    I don't think the logo needs to change totally, but few improvements will do.
  5. Lady Blogger Member

    The logo seems ok to me.
  6. Lady Blogger Member

    The logo seems ok to me.
  7. Lady Blogger Member

    The logo seems ok to me.
  8. Lady Blogger Member

    But I have to agree with Sheena what's with the A and F?
  9. Mumita Member

    I also agree.
  10. Mumita Member

    But I think, logo must represent some feature.
  11. Mumita Member

    All logo contain.
  12. Mumita Member

    logo must be unique.
  13. Mumita Member

    Some company also concern about logo color.
  14. Mumita Member

    many times logo play powerful role.
  15. Mumita Member

    Such as advertising purposes.
  16. Mumita Member

    we recognize many company by their logo.
  17. Mumita Member

    Logo must be attractive too.
  18. Sheena Member

    I think the "A" means "AdOps" and "f" means "forums".
  19. Sheena Member

    I am not sure.. but maybe?
  20. Mumita Member

    Ya, your guess may be correct.

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