Did The Google Aquisation Do Anything For Admeld

Discussion in 'Admeld' started by Sarah, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Mashuk 1 Member

    I think google don't want that position. cause they are already in that position. :p
  2. Sheena Member

    I just loled because you have a point.
  3. Lady Blogger Member

    @Mashuk Indeed, you have a point.
  4. Sheena Member

    @Mashuk1, you may have a point but there are still people that wants to challenge Google.
  5. Lady Blogger Member

    I don't think the mighty Google haven't met his nemesis yet.
  6. Sheena Member

    You think so, Lady Blogger?
  7. Lady Blogger Member

    Well yeah, of course!
  8. Mashuk 1 Member

    Don't forget that, google is nothing without us.
  9. Mashuk 1 Member

    we share and that's why google founds it.
  10. Mashuk 1 Member

    google would be blind without us. ;)
  11. Mashuk 1 Member

    For the SEO workers google is what it is .
  12. Sheena Member

    This is something least in their priority.
  13. Lady Blogger Member

    Yeah, Google is confident when it comes to customers.

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