Google Updates Adsense User Features.. Yet Again.

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    Google yet again is updating Adsense to provide enhancement to it's Ad Review Center. It gives publishers more control over the ads that Google delivers to their website and make the ads easier than ever to manage.

    As explained in a blog post by Dan Stokeley, a product manager at Adsense, publishers are now able to see ads delivered to their sites via all available types of targeting and review them before they go live. Previously, the Ad Review Center used to group certain ads together for publishers to review. Now they are broken down to ad-by-ad level. The process of selecting ads to block is now as easy as dragging and dropping. Ads with the most impressions now show up at the top of the lists of ads to review, as are placement-targeted ads that Google thinks are likely to generate the most impressions.

    Stokely reiterate that ads with little or no impressions or "seem" likely not to receive impressions will not appear in the Ad Review Center at all. While more desirable ads that do appear in the Ad Review Center, publisher will be able to be able to view a magnified view when hovering a cursor over the ad.

    The update will be available to be rolled out to your Adsense account in the next few days. Unfortunately, users will need to upgrade to modern browsers if they wish to better user experience because most of these features are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or earlier versions.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by corematter, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Mumita
    yes it is a continuous process.
  2. Mumita
    And it will change time to time
  3. Sheena
    Agree with this.
  4. Lady Blogger
    I hope that their update will be for good
  5. Sheena
    Ad review Center is good for receiving quality ads.
  6. Lady Blogger
    @Sheena, I hope so.
  7. Mumita
    Quality must be first priority.
  8. Mumita
    Dont know, what will be happen??
  9. Mumita
    We have to Wait..
  10. Nasif
    me too . :D
  11. Nasif
    google is getting digital and more digital .
  12. Nasif
    day by day .
  13. Nasif
    First google showed just blue lines and black lines .
  14. Nasif
    but now , the search result shows picture , video , ratings , category etc.
  15. Nasif
    so it has become more and more professional .
  16. Nasif
    and also more interesting .
  17. Mumita
    You are quit right.
  18. Mumita
    but it was digital from the beginning.
  19. Mumita
    Are you understand me???

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