How Do I Set Up OpenX?

Discussion in 'OpenX' started by Wright, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Wright New Member

    Am not just contemplating on using OpenX cause it an open source software, but because of the advertising hits i get from it. Oh yeah, and its free:D Am really no genius in installing programs and hope its a simple process.
  2. Jack New Member

    Its not science or anything it is pretty much a step by step installation. If you can install a simple program or a game, you can definitely do this!
  3. Wright New Member

    Thanks Jack!
  4. Timmy New Member

    Any screen shots of the installation?
  5. Jack New Member

    Surely you don't need screen shots, try installing and if you get stuck you can reach me and i will help you out!
  6. Big Mike New Member

    You can always check on YouTube to find tutorials on it if it helps.
  7. Sheena Member

    Thank you for sharing Wright!
  8. Mashuk 1 Member

    its normal way of installation .
  9. Mashuk 1 Member

    like we setup different game or software .
  10. Sheena Member

    Is there any other software/hardware requirements?
  11. Lady Blogger Member

    It is just a normal installation.
  12. Lady Blogger Member

    But, do not forget if it requires updates or requirements.
  13. Nasif Member

    its a normal installation process .
  14. Nasif Member

    no big deal about it.

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