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Discussion in 'Adsense' started by Sarah Jenkins, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Sarah Jenkins New Member

    I've been in this game a while but I'll admit there's a lot I need to learn. I got a warning from THE GOOGLE GODS about my number of ads but I'm running 3 blocks and 2 inlines on most of my sites. Can anyone from the inside, or better working knowledge, give me a heads up?
  2. adopsguy New Member

    I'm speaking in a SEO standpoint in relation with the google Panda algorithm that was rolled out almost a year ago so the answer to your question is at most to ad placements above the fold. Anything more than that google deem the site as spam.
  3. Wright New Member

    Wow, there is a limit on ads you can post on your site? talk about learning something new everyday
  4. Timmy New Member

    How would having many ads be considered spam? Don't get it!
  5. Terry New Member

    @Timmy spammers are known for uploading stuff just to fill in space, if you are running more than the limit than that raises a red flag... You are spamming...
  6. Sarah Jenkins New Member

    Ok thanks for your insight, they are unbelievable.
  7. Sheena Member

    In my own experience, the right amount of ads posted is only 5 (per webpage) more than that will not display the excess ad/s you put in.
  8. Mashuk 1 Member

    i didn't knew that it had limits.
  9. Mashuk 1 Member

    now i know it has limits . and its 5 per web . tnx guys .
  10. Mashuk 1 Member

    And its a foul process. :p
  11. Sheena Member

    No problem, you are welcome.
  12. Sheena Member

    I just loled at the GOOGLE GODS. lol
  13. Lady Blogger Member

    I have to agree with you.
  14. Lady Blogger Member

    Google: God of the internet.. looks like technology is now back to mythology! JK.
  15. Mumita Member

    Thank you all for information.
  16. Mumita Member

    I just know it now.
  17. Mashuk 1 Member

    Lots of information i learned from this .
  18. Heera Member

    yes i often get it
  19. Heera Member

    they provides us many infomation
  20. Nasif Member

    right . @Heera

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