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    24/7 Media, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in New York City specializing in Digital Marketing.
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    It provides digital marketing solutions for publishers, advertisers and agencies globally.
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    The original name of the company was 24/7 Media, Inc. which was a result of a unification of Petry Interactive, Interactive Imaginations and Katz Millennium Marketing
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    David J. Moore, CEO and Founder of 24/7 Media, Inc.
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    A very difficult situation arose in the wake of the tech bubble burst of 2001.
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    As a result, 24/7 Media, Inc. merged with a company called Real Media and changed its name to 24/7 Media, Inc.
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    As part of this merger it acquired an advertising technology platform called Open AdStream.
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    According to a video recording of the CEO produced 9 years later, it was able to capitalize on a mistake by DoubleClick
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    Doubleclick had agreed to buy Real Media for 11 million dollars.
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    DoubleClick tried to change the offer to 10M at the last moment. Thus, the sellers - a Swiss company PubliGroupe - gave 24/7 Media, Inc. an opportunity to acquire Real Media for no-cash 2 million dollar of stock swap.
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