Manage and measure in-stream video campaigns with DFA

Discussion in 'DoubleClick' started by Nasif, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Digital video is the fastest-growing format on the Internet1 and 27% of marketers say video is a focus for their online marketing budget.
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    They also know that video inventory comes at a premium. In a recent survey, more than 95% of respondents reported average CPM rates above $5 for online video campaigns
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    With these trends in mind, advertisers need a way to effectively manage, and accurately measure, in-stream video campaigns.
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    DoubleClick for Advertisers makes managing and measuring in-stream campaigns extremely easy for advertisers.
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    With DFA, trafficking, serving and reporting for in-stream campaigns can be done using the same workflow that media teams are used to for their banner campaigns.
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    This means advertisers can rely on DFA as their trusted, neutral third-party ad management system for in-stream video
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    Plus, only with DFA can advertisers easily combine the learning and insights of in-stream advertising with that of other channels including search, standard flash and rich media.

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