Manipulating Images Of People In Commercials

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    It has long been known that advertisers will “photoshop” (slang for editing photos to touch up or airbrush out imperfections) photos to make the subject more attractive.
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    But many have pointed out that this subtle manipulation often goes too far.
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    For example, young people — girls in particular — are often bombarded with imagery of the “perfect” bodies.
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    Younger minds are more malleable and impressionable, so even when it may be known that these images are manipulated
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    the constant message everywhere a young person turns says the same thing: this is how you should look and behave and something must be wrong if you are not achieving these expectations of perfection.
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    As such it can contribute to anxieties and stress when growing up and even last into adulthood.
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    Globally, there is very little regulation about this kind of manipulation as there are many grey areas making it difficult to provide definitive guidelines. However, some very obvious cases are easier to target.
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    share your thoughts .. thanks .

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