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    What happens when two companies with expertise in different fields partner up? A one-stop solution for launching and managing dynamic display ad campaigns is what Exact Drive and Canned Banners are doing. The service they are marrying increases the performance and precision of display ads by personalizing creatives in real time for each user. The team at Canned Banners are good dynamic display ad designs whereas Exact Drive has the scale and expertise of launching high-performance / high demand online ad campaigns.

    The partnership is "exciting because of the benefit our clients are going to get. For example, this will take our client's retargeting campaigns to a whole new level by being able to feature the precise products and categories that people browsed" said Tim Nochols, a principal media director at Exact Drive.

    Read more of the PR below:
    About Exact Drive:
    Exact Drive plans, manages and optimizes online advertising campaigns with the objective of delivering measurable value and empowering clients to find precisely targeted audiences. The company has handled campaigns for numerous clients including AmericInn, Benjamin Moore, Disney World Resorts, Travel Leaders and NCC Media. Founded in 2009, Exact Drive has offices in Washington, DC, Austin, TX, Phoenix, AZ and is headquartered in St Paul, MN. For more information, visit

    About Canned Banners:
    Canned Banners provides online advertisers, ad networks, and agencies with technology and tools that streamline the process of creating display ads. For clients needing out-of-the-box ad creation capabilities, Canned Banners offers flexible web-based applications. The Canned Banners dynamic display advertising platform lets advertisers customize display ad content on the fly using real-time customer and targeting data. Canned Banners also offers a versatile API, allowing organizations to develop custom integrations and deploy white-labeled ad design tools. Go to to learn how Canned Banners is transforming display ad design from a costly bottleneck to a streamlined service that scales on demand.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by corematter, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Sheena
    Very detailed information indeed.
  2. Lady Blogger
    Thank you for the information.
  3. Mumita
    Advertising must be qualified as company manufactured their product.
  4. Mumita
    Proper channel for advertising is important.
  5. Mumita
    advertising pattern changing day by day...
  6. Mumita
    Media have changes customer point of view.
  7. Lady Blogger
    Well, I have to say that advertising depends also on trends
  8. Lady Blogger
    I mean, what the people want to see, right?
  9. Mumita
    yes, trends is changing time to time. that is advertising so.
  10. Mumita
    advertising vary place to place,
  11. Mumita
    It is actually depends on consumer acceptation.
  12. Sheena
    @Mumita yes you have a point but sometimes the acceptance of the public depends on the media's approach.
  13. Sheena
    I mean, come on we have to admit that mass media plays a major part here.
  14. Mumita
  15. Sheena
    Mass media should be less aggressive. Billions of people are watching the television.
  16. Lady Blogger
    @Sheena, I totally agree with you.
  17. Sheena
    I just remember the old days that Ads from TV are modest and with quality. Now whenever I watch TV all I see are false claims.
  18. Lady Blogger
    @Sheena, Yeah most of it.
  19. Nasif
    you are right .

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