Please Post Video Ads You Think Didn't Do Justice

Discussion in 'Tremor Media' started by Terry, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Terry New Member

    Tremor Server must be a great software to create video ads, here we would like to see the ads you think didn't do anything for the brand. Lets share:D
  2. Timmy New Member

  3. Bobby New Member

    Here is mine
  4. Laura New Member

    How do you post videos here? Help!
  5. Bobby New Member

    Hey Laura, it is pretty simple just click on the media icon on the toolbar on the text area and copy the url of the video you would like to post. That's it.
  6. Sarah New Member

    Lol! Just seen one video that was so bad it had to removed! How bad was it :D
  7. Mike New Member

    Lol! totally hilarious
  8. Laura New Member

    Thanks Bobby! It worked
  9. LauraM New Member

    I like the video thread
  10. Wright New Member

  11. Wright New Member

    Check out this compilation
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  12. Timmy New Member

    Great compilation Wright!
  13. Timmy New Member

    No problem Laura! quite a few Laura's in this forum:)
  14. Terry New Member

    I like the compilation! Nice
  15. Big Mike New Member

    Yeah those are bad haha.
  16. Mashuk 1 Member

  17. Mashuk 1 Member

  18. Mashuk 1 Member

    this is a funny 1 !!
  19. Sheena Member

    Can I say a lot? lol.
  20. Mashuk 1 Member

    yes .. you can say a lot.

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