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  1. LauraM New Member

    This thread is for posting your favorite video ads. Feel free to share
  2. LauraM New Member

    here let me start it out
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  3. Terry New Member

  4. Mashuk 1 Member

  5. Sheena Member

    Wow nice. I haven't decided yet. I will post it later.
  6. Mashuk 1 Member

    they are the blackberry boys. lol .. :D
  7. Sheena Member

    Kinda off topic but a hilarious and effective ad indeed.
  8. Lady Blogger Member

    I know this commercial!!
  9. Lady Blogger Member

    Haha, that Thai girl has a lot of weight to lose!
  10. Mumita Member

    Yes, you are right.
  11. Mumita Member

    I like black berry video.
  12. Mumita Member

    It is my Favorited ad too.
  13. Mumita Member

    I'll also post my best one.
  14. Mumita Member

  15. Mumita Member

    Indian media best for advertising.
  16. Mumita Member

    Its just my opinion.
  17. Mumita Member

    Their products sold on advertising.
  18. Mumita Member

    In some ad they teach how to use product.
  19. Mumita Member

    one cookie ad show how u eat it.:D
  20. Mashuk 1 Member

    lol .. it just can't get funnier then this .

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