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Discussion in 'Bright Roll' started by Sarah, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Sarah New Member

    With such impressive milestones gained, it is any wonder why you would go anywhere else. I wonder if there is any down side toward this network!
  2. Daniel New Member

    Hardly any, there is strength in numbers. 10 people could misleading, millions of customers and you know there is something good about this.
  3. Jack New Member

    Yeah, you shouldn't believe in everything you read. 100 million unique US viewers monthly is a staggering figure!
  4. Bobby New Member

    Okay, so who has used Bright Roll?
  5. Sarah New Member

    Good question @Bobby who has used it?
  6. LauraM New Member

    I got a couple of friends who have used this network and rarely do i get to hear them complain about it.
  7. Wright New Member

    Would really like to use bright roll and see how good this network is
  8. Timmy New Member

    After doing my research on Bright Roll am starting to believe how powerful this network is..
  9. Terry New Member

    @Timmy after doing your research are you going to get the said network?
  10. Jack New Member

    No users!?
  11. Big Mike New Member

    Yeah they are quite awesome, and very powerful
  12. Sarah Jenkins New Member

    I agree, they are great.
  13. Sheena Member

    I heard some good news about Bright Roll, I might check it out later.
  14. Sarah Jenkins New Member

    Yes do it, I like them a lot.
  15. Mashuk 1 Member

    i heard a lot about it.
  16. Mashuk 1 Member

    but not interested in using it.
  17. Sheena Member

    @Mashuk1 Why are you not interested?
  18. Mashuk 1 Member

    no specific reason . it might try or not .
  19. Sheena Member

    @Mashuk, oh ok. Where are you from anyways?
  20. Lady Blogger Member

    What do you mean by no users? This network looks fine

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