Really need to work on your chat room.

Discussion in 'Suggestions, Feedback, Support' started by Nasif, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Nasif Member

    I think your chat room is so back dated !! At this time . it wont attract people . What do you think guys ? have a say .
  2. Sheena Member

    Not that many active people to chat?
  3. Lady Blogger Member

    Hmmm.. I hope we will have more members.
  4. Nasif Member

    yes . we can hope .
  5. Nasif Member

    if the chatting system is good then why won't people come ?
  6. Nasif Member

    my question is that .
  7. Nasif Member

    they really should work on upgrading the chatting .
  8. Nasif Member

    what do you guys say about it ?
  9. Nasif Member

    do you guys agree with me ?
  10. Nasif Member

    have a say . thanks !
  11. Heera Member

    i totally agree with you .
  12. Heera Member

    it takes tons of time to just load the chat room .
  13. Mumita Member

    yes, you are right.
  14. Mumita Member

    posting is kind a chatting.
  15. Mumita Member

    This is more precise.
  16. Mumita Member

    I may wrong, plz share your thought.

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