The Audience Also As The Consumer

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    Ben Bagdikian, a prominent media critic, and author of the well-acclaimed book
    The Media Monopoly
    , provides more detail and examples.
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    In Chapter 6 of his book, for example, Bagdikian describes in detail the pressure on media companies to change content (to “dumb down”) and to shape content based on the demographics of the audiences.
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    Slowly then, the content of media isn’t as important as the type of person being targeted by the ads.
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    He also shows that the notion of “giving the audience what they want” is also a bit misleading because, if anything, it is more about targeting those readers that can afford the products that are advertised and so it is almost like giving the advertisers what they want!
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    The “dumbing down” of the content also acts to promote a “buying mood.”
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    Hence, as Bagdikian summarizes, “programming is carefully noncontroversial, light, and nonpolitical”.
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    As he traces briefly the history of advertising in magazines he also hints that this has happened for a long time.

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