Where Are You From?

Discussion in 'Introduction and Welcomes' started by Mike, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Mumita Member

    there is one reason.
  2. Mumita Member

    any one know it??
  3. Heera Member

    I'm new here.
  4. Heera Member

    I'm from Chittagong,BD.
  5. Heera Member

    It is the one of the clean and beautiful city.
  6. Nasif Member

    Im from BD.
  7. Nasif Member

    It is a beautiful country .
  8. Nasif Member

    I love it here . its a big busy city .
  9. Nasif Member

    I love the city Dhaka .
  10. Nasif Member

    BD has the largest sea beach of the world.
  11. Nasif Member

    Last cricket world-cup was held in India, Srilanka & Bangladesh .
  12. Nasif Member

    The cup was won by India .

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